Horrible Options… Could Really Use Some Advice.

Hi Everyone!

I will be self employed at least for the first half of 2023 and am currently looking into marketplace options in my home state (Tennessee). I am 28 and relatively healthy minus some previous gut issues that have a possibility of flaring up and needing diagnosis/treatment. My wife is 27 and healthy.

The problem is that all ACA plans offered are EPO plans that only provide a small network of doctors in the state of Tennessee, but I am a digital nomad and will be traveling all around the US during the time I am on the plan, so I will not be in my home state if I need care.

This essentially leaves me insuranceless against issues unless it is a dire emergency in which case ACA covers out of network care. On top of that I will be paying $400-$600 a month for the lowest quality plans and won’t even be able to use the care benefits since I won’t be in Tennessee.

So my questions:

In my case, do you think short term insurance such as a plan from Everest or the Golden Rule is a good route for us? My biggest concern with these is obviously the stipulations and non ACA compliance.

Are there any other avenues of plans I am not thinking of (Underwritten, etc.)?

Should I just suck it up and pay the $400-600 a month strictly as essentially cancer/emergency insurance, with plans to pay out of pocket for any other care I need?

Thank you all so much!