Hospital transport used out of network ambulance

In September, I had an emergency room visit and ended up needing to be transferred to a different hospital which was better equipped to deal with traumas. They had me transported to the new hospital (about 10 mins away- both are in a major city) in an ambulance. At this point, the original hospital already had my insurance on file so I just assumed they would use an ambulance service that was in-network but they did not. I’m now stuck with a $1200 bill (I know that’s not that much all things considered but I’m kinda broke). My insurance already tried to negotiate a discount twice with the ambulance company but apparently it did not work.

Is there anything I can do? Can I get something from the hospital for not using an in network provider? It was an emergency situation but I wasn’t like on my death bed or anything so there wasn’t a huge deal of urgency with them arranging the transport.

Edit: services were all received in Georgia, which is my state of residence.