How do I prove to that my employer doesn’t offer insurance?

I think I'm at the end of the application process, and we've yet to be asked to provide any proof, like the employer coverage tool PDF, that my (well, actually, my wife's) employer does not offer qualifying health coverage.

I'm really worried that there will be some misunderstanding and we'll end up having to pay back the $6000 in premium subsidies we'd be getting throughout 2024. The reason for my concern is that my wife's employer does offer some sort of indemnity insurance or something (see this screenshot). But, if I understand correctly, it does not meet the minimum value standard, and so I should be entitled to premium subsidies.

Do they just take people's word for it when applicants say their employer doesn't offer coverage?

I'm reluctant to press "review & submit" on my application (but maybe there's more to it after I click that?)


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