How do you manage your health insurance during transition times?

So I’m moving in two weeks. I kinda left this last minute and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t think about it earlier but voila here we are. I’m leaving my full time job at the end of June, and won’t be on a new health plan through my university until August. During the month of July, I’ll be traveling tons and will be at a lot of athletic festivals and events since I do circus and acrobatics on the side. Basically, I really need health insurance for July and can’t just risk it for the biscuit. I’ve been scrolling marketplace, but I don’t know which address to use since I’m moving out of state come this fall. My driver’s license is at my current address, but my mailing address will be different in July, which is ALSO different from my address come August. Any nomads out there who want to share their experiences with using the marketplace and how they manage their health insurance and location, and any specific companies people recommend? I feel so in over my head with it and I would love to get it squared away!

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