How good is my employer plan? All 4 for $316/month.

Medical: Individual Deductible $1,000 Family Deductible $3,000 Individual Out-of-Pocket Max (OOP Max) $2,500 Family Out-of-Pocket Max (OOP Max) $5,500 Doctor's Office Visit Copay PCP: $10 copay; Specialist: $30 copay Inpatient Co-pay 20% after deductible Outpatient Co-pay 20% after deductible Emergency Room Visit Co-pay $100 per occurrence deductible, then 20% after annual deductible Prescription Drug Coverage Co-pay Generic/Preferred: $10 copay/40% coinsurance, up to a max of $85 Non preferred:50% coinsurance, up to a max of $135 4 Dental: Preventive/Diagnostic 100% Basic Restorative 80% Major Restorative 50% Orthodontic 50% after $100 deductible Per Person Per Calendar Year Deductible Individual:$50;Family:$150 Annual Maximum $750 Orthodontic Maximum $2000 Vision: Eye Exam (Once every 12 months) $30 copay Lenses and/or Frames $50 copay Contact Lenses – Elective (Once every 12 months, in lieu of frames) Life (2 times salary up to $750,000.00) submitted by /u/No-Attempt-2767