How should I negotiate denial of claim?

A couple of months ago I needed a small office procedure. My insurance denied the claim then approved it. In the mail and the same day I got three denials and one approval. The doctors office is the one who kept resubmitting the claim and asking for a review. I was annoyed by that but they paid, and that was the end of it.

Two weeks ago I had surgery. I was supposed to stay over one night, but I wasn’t ready to be released due to problems with blood pressure and blood oxygen combined with mental health issues. So they decided to keep me a second night. I asked if they were sure Insurance was going to pay it and they said absolutely it’s medically necessary

So naturally today I got a letter in the mail, denying the claim for the second day, so I don’t know how to proceed. I feel like there’s three possible things to do and I don’t know which is best. I could just wait and see if they somehow reconsider, or I could ask the doctors office to see if they can figure it out or I could call the insurance company and Try to fight it out.

What is my best way to proceed for the best outcome? Thank you so so so so so much

Edit: I am in my 60s and I live in Massachusetts, and I have Anthem/BC BS

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