How to appeal an out-of-network ambulance charge that should be in-network?

I was hospitalized recently and after a few weeks I needed a different level of care than was available at the hospital I was at, so I was transferred from one hospital to another via a ground ambulance. The ambulance was medically necessary and I wasn’t given the choice of which ambulance company to use. The hospital case manager who arranged the ambulance was told by the ambulance company that they were in network with my insurance, and there was no other in-network ambulance available to transport me at the time I needed it. However, now my health insurance is processing the ambulance as an out-of-network provider and I am on the hook for the higher out-of-network copay.

What’s the best way to appeal this claim?

Since both hospitals I received care at are in-network, does this fall under the federal “No Surprises Act” or the California AB 72 prohibiting balance billing? If not, would I just send a written appeal to the insurance company stating that this was a medically necessary transport, this was the only available ambulance company, and the case manager was told (and subsequently led me to believe) that the ambulance company was in network?

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