How to contribute to HSA when your employer doesn’t offer one?

I work PRN for a hospital and usually hospitals don't offer benefits for PRN workers. My hospital was bought out last year and our new employer offer a MEDICAL ONLY plan for PRN workers. It has a $8500 deductible and a $103 premium/monthly for self only coverage. It also does not have any prescription benefits coverage, only preventive services covered at 100%. Adding insult to injury, is that my PCP I've had for 10 years is no longer in network. (Hospital main campus is based out of a different city in same state)

I had a HDHP plan last year with a $1750 deductible and contributed to a HSA. However, the new employer doesn't offer a HSA despite the deductible of $8500! I spent a few hours on the phone with our benefits office and the insurance company trying to figure out if the plan is "HSA eligible", despite my employer not offering one. So far, my research is s stating that I CAN contribute to a HSA without it being tied to an employer. I just need to figure out if I can contribute to my old one or if I have to open a new one and how that works with after tax funds since I can't do payroll deduction.

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