How to Navigate Changing Insurances Mid-Year

My spouse is on an Aetna HDP through work. Our baby and I are on an Aetna MDP through my work. The original assumption was that I would be quitting in the spring after maternity leave and we would go on my spouse’s work insurance. We were on different insurances because mine is much cheaper. We did not foresee myself and our baby needing surgery in 2023. Famous last words. 😂🤪

Our baby had oral tie surgery that was out of network. We’re submitting for reimbursement but not expecting much. We are now trying to decide the best time for me to get surgery.

If I get surgery in say March and quit in April are there any repercussions? If I quit our assumption is that is a qualifying life event and I could enroll myself and our baby on my spouse’s insurance. Would we be forced to all be on a HDP? Baby is currently in PT and referred below his ped. When we switch insurances, would the ped need to refer him again for the new insurance to count it?

Open to any advice on how to save money as we’re in a bit of a pickle. Please note we hope to navigate to me staying home before end of year regardless of insurance.

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