I am retired, have been for several years, My former company has seeded an HRA for my use. Since I retired I have been buying my health insurance through the ACA marketplace. When you obtain your insurance this way and receive a Premium Tax Credit (PTC) (as I do) you are not allowed to spend any of your HRA. And you must elect, in December, whether you want to use your HRA or accept the PTC in the coming year. I am turning 65 early next year and will be exchanging ACA coverage for Medicare coverage which will allow me to spend HRA money – however – I will need to wait until December to elect HRA spending, effective the following year. It does appear that I can hold receipts and then reimburse myself in 2025.

One additional note – Megacorp funds my HRA monthly, I just saw, in the fine print, that the funding stops when I turn 65. They don’t take money away, just stop adding to it.

Here’s a Question: Can I spend from an HSA and then reimburse it from my HRA?

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