My company offers a HRA if we go on our spouses insurance plan. So, naturally my family is on my spouses medical plan. We also have vision and dental coverage through his company.

Because of that, we have the HRA which covers expenses like copays, coinsurance, etc. My benefits team says that the HRA plan will cover any copays, etc. of expenses that are covered under my husbands medical insurance.

As an example, since Aetna vision has a separate plan from Aetna medical, HRA won’t cover glasses bc it’s not covered under our medical plan.

I find it odd that my HRA usage can vary drastically from my coworkers if their spouses vision insurance falls under the medical plan Vs. Vision.

Reimbursement has been inconsistent and no one at the company can give me a straight answer.

Should HRA cover medical expenses as defined by the IRS or as defined by my spouses medical insurance.

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