My husband's employer offers BCBS Simply Blue 2500 PPO. ($2,500 indv/5,000 fam deductible; 20% co-ins, $5,000/10,000 OOP max).

He asked HR if this plan was considered an HSA compatible HDHP and received the following response:

"Since we have services in which Co-pays are applied, the 2500 plan is not a qualified high deductible health plan eligible for HSA."

BCBS customer service was not able to identify whether this plan is HSA compatible.

When we shopped on marketplace, we were offered HSA compatible plans that had co-pays and preventative visits covered before deductible.

Can anyone help me to understand what exactly is disqualifying about this employer sponsored plan that is different.

Also, who is in charge of verifying if a plan is compatible? Is that something the IRS would be checking in the event of an audit or is there some other verification process?

ETA: His employer does not offer an HSA to employees, only an FSA which we have always maxxed out but blow through by the first quarter.

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