Huge bill dropped on me for at home sleep study… is there any way to fight this?

I went to the doctor and just mentioned that I get really tired during the day, and they asked if I snore, which I do, so they said I should get a sleep study done. The sleep study place called and said that the insurance wouldn’t approve an in-office sleep study but I could do an at home one, which I was fine with. This was three weeks ago. Nobody has even called me about the results yet, and I open a bill from the hospital, and it is for $900, and my insurance only paid for $270, so I’m stuck on the hook for $630!!!

I thought I had really good insurance and apparently I have an $800 copay and I still had $500 left so that’s why I have to pay that much, but I never thought in my life I would receive a bill like this, again, I always thought I had pretty good insurance… I can’t believe they are charging $900 for a shitty piece of plastic that I strapped to my chest that I haven’t even gotten the results from.

Is there any way to fight this? Not only will I have trouble making this payment, but I’m sure that I asked how much this would cost and the sleep study place said it would be like $20-$40 or free even, and I believed them. I have a real problem with this bait and switch, and a real problem paying $630 for this “service” that I haven’t even received yet…

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