I deeply apologize if this isn’t allowed. I don’t know who to turn to and need any guidance.

My father is in his late 50s and has not done his taxes for at least 3 years. He had an ACA plan but lost it (a year ago or so) because he was unable to prove income.

Today he went to a urologist(paid cash) as he had symptoms. Was given a prostate exam and was hinted that he needs to get insurance and checked again ASAP. As in as fast as humanly possible.

As I understand it the doctor did not make any diagnosis but hinted the situation is very very severe.

My father has prostate cancer. He has no diagnoses on paper or any records. He has no insurance due to unfiled taxes.

Obviously I am working to get all back taxes done tomorrow but that doesn’t get him insurance. He needs medical treatment now if he is going to live longer than the next 6 months.

He doesn’t qualify for a special enrollment with the ACA that I could find. Maybe he does but I don’t know. I am just a dumb army solider. I don’t know maybe I missed something. But his taxes are still gonna take time to file.

What else can I do to get my father treatment as soon as possible without bankrupting him and my mother? He doesn’t have much.

I am at a loss and need help. Who can I call? What can I do?


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