I am in Massachusetts and uninsured and might have a serious illness and so confused and seriously need help. Please anyone who knows about health insurance help me.

TLDR; I am in distress. I need someone with a strategic mind to help me figure out this horrible situation and get me coverage as soon as humanly possible without spending a million dollars.

I live in Massachusetts. I am 27F making 45K. Uninsured all year. My job does not offer health insurance. I do not qualify for special enrollment for two reasons so please don't ask. I desperately need health insurance because I am showing symptoms of serious illness. But I heard catastrophic health insurance might still be not worth it?

I am also supposed to be moving to New York soon and delayed my move to get health insurance here and get treated before starting my new life, but part of me feels like I would be better just getting a job in NYC with health insurance. I don't qualify for NY state insurance because I was uninsured in Massachusetts.

Should I just get a new job? But even that will take time for insurance to kick in.

Everything takes so fucking long. I SERIOUSLY need insurance as of Nov 1 and have no idea what to do!

I asked my employer (a tiny business of 7 people) if they can enroll me through the business but I'm not sure if we would qualify for enrollment any earlier.

Please please please advise. This is making me feel so upset and crazy. I am delaying my move because I need to get treated. Is catastrophic insurance worth it?

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