I recently got out of my parents insurance because I’m 26 and I need to get my own health insurance. I’m brand new to this and my previous insurance was select health which was provided by my fathers work. I recently got my first quote, but I don’t know what I should be looking for or asking.

I’m 26, single tax filer, 1099 income. Quote is for UT. I asked because I travel for work if this would cover me in other states and I was explained that United Healthcare is huge and they are in most states so If I had emergency or needed to be seen out of state that as long as a hospital is in their network that I would be good to go there too. tried to fill out some stuff online to see if I qualified for any insurance discounts or government funded programs or whatever and my income is ”too high” to qualify. I’ll attach some screenshots from my quote along with a description of my understating of what I was presented.

What should I be asking insurance providers when shopping? What are the most important things I should be looking for? Side note I know a guy that sells health insurance that has tried to recruit me to do insurance sales and he says he makes half a mil a year and that over half of that is residual. This makes me want to look deeper into the prices I’m being presented. My quote is not from that person and I don’t even know who that person works for either.

Here is my quote from United Healthcare. The plan I was presented is called the Short Term Medical Plus Elite which is a 12 month program that does not include eye or dental insurance. Those can be added for the following prices. $24.68/month dental insurance and $15.70/month for Vision. I was presented with two plans with a deductible of $2500/yr or $10,000/yr. The $2500/yr deductible plan is $146.81/month x 12 = $1761/year. The $10,000/yr deductible plan is $85.85/month X 12 = $1030/year. $731/yr is the difference. I hardly ever go to the hospital so to me it seems like it would be better to pay less a month and have a higher a deductible since I don’t think I will be going to the hospital much.

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Is that the wrong way to think? I also think that god forbid there was an emergency it would be nicer to pay $2500 than $10,000. I‘m not freaking out over money so either wouldn’t kill me, but I still don’t want to over pay something if I don’t need to.

The plan has a 100/0 Coinsurance. The way this was explained in a nutshell was that anything over my deductible would be covered by UH 100%. He said there are plans that don’t cover 100% so that sounded nice. I can add 24/7 Video Doctor visits (services by Amwell) for $5.70/month. That sounds kinda cool because I travel a lot for work and if I had something going on it’s nice to know that I can get a consultation online. Any of you use this feature? Seems like the world is shifting to a lot of virtual things anyway so I’m kinda curious to hear your thoughts on that. There is a Supplemental Accident benefit for $15.10-$26.70/month which basically in the event of a big accident I can get paid like $1,000 – $20,000 something like that.

Theres another thing called Health Protector Guard for $54.30/month which gives me $80 per exam (1 exam) $80 per visit for illness or injury. Rex Brand/Generic $40/$10 per fill. Hospital Stay $1,000 per day, unlimited days.

just realized I can’t attach photos not sure why. Any advice is appreciated!!!