I think I may get fired for hernia surgery

I am not too concerned about getting fired. I'm concerned that they'll fire me, AND as a result my health insurance will be cancelled.

Details: I have worked for this employer since November 2021. I rolled over as a regular employee in July 2022. Thus, I have worked for this company since July 2022.

I signed up for health insurance during open enrollment, and my health insurance began on January 1st 2023.

My hernia has been an issue the entire time I worked for them, including during my temp agency period.

Now that i have good insurance (not Obamacare), I want to schedule hernia surgery as soon as possible. My hernia is literally in my scrotum, and pushes my testicles aside. It is not painful, but the idea of my testies sharing real estate with my hernia freaks me out.

I drive a truck, and there is no one else to do my route. So the driver manager will have to do it. I am sure they are going to be pissed that I need to take at least 2 weeks, possibly 4 weeks off of work (since my job is delivering items, and very physical).

Honestly, I do not care if they fire me. The job is drudgery. But, on the other hand, I worry that they will be able to rescind the health insurance, and I'll have to pay for the hernia operation myself. I do not have the money to pay for it.

Will they be able to 1) fire me, and 2) cancel my health insurance?

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