I think I misinterpreted my company’s health plan rules

My husband (37M) and I (40F) each have jobs offering health insurance options. We’ve kept our own plans. Last year, I added our newborn son to my plan. This year during open enrollment, we decided to compare plans and decided to add my husband to my plan with the family option since it was better coverage and cost about what both of us were paying individually anyways.

My company had a statement that “spouses are eligible for coverage if they do not have health coverage through their employer”. I took this to mean that my husband couldn’t be covered under his employer and additionally under mine. There have been no additional details on rules limiting coverage.

Today, I received an attestation from with much clearer language stating I’m attesting to the fact that my spouse does not have access to health care options through their employer. There are termination clauses that I could lose my job if I’m found to be falsely attesting. Clearly, this means he can’t be covered because his employer offers health insurance.

So, I’m not sure what this means. Obviously, I need to speak to HR. Will my husband need to be dropped from my insurance? Can he even get back on his since open enrollment lapsed? What questions or points do I need to address with HR besides clarifying the language around eligibility?