I was recently enrolled in my union’s PPO health plan in California and have no idea what anything means. I know nothing about scheduling doctor’s visits, regular checkups, referrals, etc. I was on a medi-cal health plan all my life and haven’t seen a doctor in about a decade. Where to start?

I am an apprentice in California and I was recently enrolled into my union's PPO health plan. I've had medi-cal all my life and still have an active plan despite being 26.

I know nothing about health plans, how they work, or what the differences are between HMO and PPO health plans. All I know is that PPO health plans generally provide greater access to doctors and patient care.

I want to take advantage and start seeing a regular doctor/primary physician – the thing is I have no idea where to start. I haven't seen a doctor in over a decade and my parents handled everything while I was in high school.

I know i have an assigned clinic/medical group via medi-cal. Does having PPO insurance now affect that? Is it a problem that I still have medi-cal at the same time as my PPO insurance?

If anyone can explain any of these concepts or point me in the right direction to educate myself I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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