If a person with Medicaid who isnt working right now has a *moderate* dental problem that requires an EXTRA deep cleaning/procedure that is beyond what happens in a typical cleaning/check up, would it be financially wiser to check up on it NOW while not working (On basic Medicaid), or after working?

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I have tufts and am based in Rhode Island, in late 20’s.

So like I’d probably need to get a general dental check up, and from there, they’d probably refer me to a deep cleaning procedure (regardless of whether it happens that day or not).

Like basically when you have poor man’s insurance that usuallycovers a lot more, right? Or does it. Again, this requires an extra procedure/deep cleaning. Let’s just call it a deep cleaning procedure. I don’t wanna use specifics here, because I will receive medical advice – I do not want medical device. Just assume it is a basic deep cleaning procedure.

It will require a basic appointment AND a deep cleaning procedure on top.

So suppose I’m going to try working in two months exactly — not before nor after –

When I’m working I’ll probably have something else besides Medicaid/an inferior coverage than Medicaid, right? (Due to my increased income) Say I’m working 30 to 35 hours a week at $17 an hour.

Like basically what I’m trying to figure out, would it be like way, way financially wiser to get this dental thing done NOW while I have this ultra deluxe poor man’s insurance (aka Medicaid for someone who makes literally $0/yr right now)?, (REGARDLESS OF THE URGENCY OF THE DENTAL ISSUE).

( I can’t ask my insurance because they wouldn’t know what type of insurance I’d have while working, so they can’t compare obviously. ) neither can you guys, exactly, but I’m just looking for a *general* idea. Because I am a complete NOOB to all of this stuff.

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In other words, in sum, would it be financially wiser to fully address this non-urgent issue NOW while not working (on basic Medicaid), or probably after working?

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