Would like some help or insight. I'm with Anthem BCBS. Recently went to a doctors office and had a slight procedure that was later listed as out of network. I've checked the website and app and it list provider and location as in network. When I submit request for change they tell me claim was processed right and provider is out of network. I have now sent them a screenshot of it saying in network for me. I have called the doctors office and they said that they have issues with BCBS at times but verified that provider is I'm network under my plan.

I have also called BCBS several times and each time I get a different response or resolution. First time the rep acknowledged it should be in network and attempted to resubmit it but call dropped and I never heard back. Second time I was told it's out of network because my insurance plan is only for state of California and I reside in another state. I'm frustrated because I have a surgery that I need to schedule for QOL and I cant arrange it till I know I'm covered for a fact.

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