Not even sure if this is the right sub for this… But I logged into my health insurance app and there was an option to link all my accounts to be in one place (then it showed basically every hospital / doctors office I’ve ever been to.) Most were old appts I had as a teen and then my current pharmacy. However, there was a documented appt from this past Summer for a “maternal fetal med ultrasound & genetics” appt in the town my family lives in, that most certaintly was not me. My insurance wasn’t billed or anything that I’ve seen- it was just in my account as a previous appt.

Can I call and ask for the records from “my” appt to gain insight or do I just call and say it wasn’t me and to remove it? Can people use names that are not their own in appts? Is this a common mix up?

Completely speculation, but a thought is that a young female family member of mine may have been in a situation and used a different name out of fear. But my name is pretty generic so idk how it would even land in my account if they were going just by name, although we have shared the same address… So much confusion?!

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