Insurance Choices – Not preggo with an eggo..yet


It’s open enrollment time and I’m thoroughly confused on which option to move forward with and would love your thoughts on which option I should decide.

Below is the breakout of the options that are provided through Blue Cross Blue Shield of TX. I am looking to become pregnant next year, and if the timing works out, would also potentially have a baby delivery by the end of next year, but am not too sure if the timeline makes sense.

From what I can tell, there’s no difference between the Base PPO package and the Buy-Up PPO package other than it lowering the deductible and out of pocket maximum by increasing the cost of the paycheck. I’m a very healthy individual who only goes to the doctor for my annual check-ups and have typically opted into HSA’s when provided the option, but not sure if I should change up the option with the plan on getting pregnant sometime next year.

Thank you so much for any/all advice that you can provide! 🙂

CYD = Current Year Deductible

HSA Limit = What I would plan on contributing to my HSA for the year (My employer contributes $0 to this)

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