Insurance company won’t pay provider, what can I do?

Hello, I am currently insured with UHC through my employer. One of my benefits is x number of visits to the chiropractor for a $15 co-pay and I’ve been going since last October.

Before my first appointment, i checked with the insurance company to kake sure the chiropractor was in my network and that they accepted my insurance. And everything was confirmed and ok’d. If it’s relevant, I’ve been going since October 2022, on a bi-monthly basis.

The problem: I’ve paid the $15 every time that I’ve gone to get treated, but about a few weeks ago, I got 2 letters from the insurance company saying they were 2 claims incomplete because the provider forgot to include certain documents. The doctors office then told me at my next visit there had been a hiccup with the insurance and that they would figure it out with them directly.

I continued paying my $15 co-pay but last week, the receptionist hinted that they were still waiting to be paid by the insurance company and she made it sound like I was going to be held responsible if they didn’t pay. Can they do this??

I just got a letter in the mail last night stating one of the claims was officially denied because the provider did not respond in time with the missing documents. The letter states that I am NOT responsible for the bill.

Should I switch to a different provider? Can the current provider send me a bill that would eventually turn into debt collections if i dont pay it? I prefer my current one because they are so close to me and it’s convenient but it seems like such a mess right now.

I also called UHC and they said I’m not responsible for the bill, since the provider messed up. They had 10 days to respond to the initial letter but didn’t.