I started working for the school system in December 2021. In October of 2022 I got married. I submitted all the qualifying event paperwork, picked which plans and add ons I wanted. I marked a certain healthcare plan, then added on dental and vision. I submitted our marriage license after it was processed and we got our certified original and copy.

All of this was done in November. I left the school system and went to a different school system in the same state that uses the same insurance provider. I started this job in January 2023.

When my insurance came over they claimed I waived every option and didn’t want insurance. Now I’m completely uncovered and I cannot get insurance here because my waiver has been “locked in.”

The only solution HR can offer me here is to have my husband file the qualifying event at his work (same school system I just left) and get a couple plan. This will triple the cost.

I am so hurt and mad and angry. I have cried until I’m exhausted. I don’t understand what is going on and what my options (doesn’t seem like any) are.

Does anyone have any advice or have you been in this situation before?

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