Insurance is refusing to cover my claim for Post Exposure Rabies Vaccine – 25k bill

Long story short, I got bit by a stray cat that ran away. I went to the Urgent Care first and they traiged me to the ER stating that the post exposure rabies vaccine that I needed was only available there given that it is a "high risk" vaccine.

I went to the ER, got my vaccines, and now my insurance is rejecting my claim arguing that it was not a medical emergency, and that I should have gone to a primary care physician or urgent care. I appealed the decision internally, sharing the doctor notes from the PA that saw me in the urgent care that clearly showed that I was redirected to the ER and that I was not seen – that appeal also got denied.

I asked the hospital for an itemized bill before it being processed by insurance and I am looking at an outrageous 25k bill. I will now try to request an external review, and I have asked the Urgent Care to have the PA that saw me write a written statement or letter explaining that she directed me to the ER, I am still waiting for a response.

What can I do to put pressure on them or show enough evidence to get my claim approved? From my research, the post exposure rabies vaccines are usually only found in ERs.

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