Insurance said my MRI would cost me $25, now they’re saying $248

I needed an MRI a couple months ago and was told by the radiology center that I would only owe a $25 copay. I thought this was suspiciously low, so I called my insurance and after some back and forth, they confirmed that I would only owe $25 and my insurance would pay the rest. I recorded this phone call and have proof that they said this. On the phone call, the insurance employee even told me “if they try to deny your claim, provide this reference number for our call.”

Recently I got a bill in the mail from the radiology center for an additional $248, which is 20% of the MRI cost. This does align with my insurance benefits, but I have a recording of my insurance company telling me I would only have to pay $25.

I called my insurance today to try to fight it, but they wouldn’t listen and tried to blame the radiology center. When I gave them the reference number, they told me the notes for the call say nothing about a $25 copay. Then I called the radiology center and they basically told me to keep fighting my insurance.

Is this worth fighting? I did think it was weird that an MRI would only cost $25, but I was assured by my insurance that that was all I’d owe and I have evidence of this.

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