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So, due to my hours being willfully cut at my job, I do not qualify for my job’s healthcare plan. I have a second job but it doesn’t offer any health insurance. So, I decided to go on marketplace to find coverage. I do have a few questions that I’m not so clear on.

So, when it comes to household income, I am a bit confused. I am single, claim no one, and can’t be claimed as a dependent. I’m confused on the household income section. Is it asking for my own personal yearly income? Or is it asking for the income of my other relatives that I live with as well? I live with my mother, 2 minor brothers, and 1 over 18 brother. I don’t claim any of them on my taxes and they don’t claim me on theirs either.

I had Marketplace insurance up until this month as I canceled it, due to my income going up and realizing that I may have filled out my previous application wrong by only putting down my income. I don’t want to do it wrong and then have to pay the government a lot of money for an honest mistake on my part, if I made one.

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