Is it weird that I look at the plan’s out of pocket max as a deciding factor?

Family of 3. Healthy husband and wife with a 6 months old.

Comparing between two plans –

Plan 1 – Monthly Premium $669 with deductible + out of pocket max being $7,250 individual / $14,500 family. Basically you will contract price for everything (aside from preventative) until max is met.

Plan 2 Co pay focus plan – Monthly Premium $590 with deductible being on Prescription drugs only – $4,500 Individual /$9,000 Family. $0 health deductible – don't really understand what this means. Out of Pocket max $9,450 Individual / $18,900 Family. Cons: Specific amount of co-pay from day 1 for most services.

Been debating between these two plans – Plan 2 seems too good to be true as far as the $0 health deductible goes -but what if we don't meet the drug deductible? Does this mean we will never reach the overall plan deductible..??

Currently leaning more towards plan 1 (our current plan) and if something disastrous happen, a14.5K max is better than plan 2 's 18.5K.

Am I making sense or am I missing something? TIA!

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