Is my employer committing Health Insurance fraud?

I started a job February 2023, and in June 2023 I still had not been given insurance. I notified US department of labor that they had violated the 90-day rule (section 2708 of PHSA). They contacted my employer, the following day my insurance was activated. Over 18 weeks had passed. My HR told DOL that a “glitch” occurred and was able to “legally” back-date my insurance to May 1st (conveniently the 90 day mark). However, I avoided seeking healthcare while uninsured to avoid a $100,000 ER bill and now I’m being told that I should’ve had the foresight to go to the ER in May knowing that in June my insurance would’ve been activated and backdated. Now I’m living with that and the fact that by me delaying medical treatment, I’ve made some chronic health issues worse.

Is this legal in America? It seems like they’re cutting corners to save on insurance costs and DOL violations by refusing coverage and backdating to cover their violations.

I put my two weeks in and requested insurance coverage for the 18 weeks I missed before and they said the best they can do is 2 weeks of coverage, is this another lie to cut costs?

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