Is reaching out to my carrier and begging for more coverage on my ADHD medication going to be a complete waste of time?

I'm enrolled in a HDHP, through UHC with CVS caremark. I do not have regular medical expenses or chronic illness, and the HSA plus low monthly premium rate was appealing. Unfortunately after enrolling I was diagnosed with ADHD and my medications are absurdly expensive. During OE end of 2022 I talked to the carrier to see if switching plans with a higher monthly premium would offer more coverage but was told the coverage is the same across all plans, the only difference being the deductible amounts. Even the "low" deductible amount would be hard for me to reach, plus my premiums would have gone from less than $12/month to about $200/month. Not worth it so I reenrolled under the HDHP again.

However the meds have only increased in 2023. They are $450 retail for 30 days supply and my carrier discounts it down to $390. I found a manufacturer coupon which brought it down to $310. But that's still ridiculously unaffordable for me, and I tried switching to a different ADHD med last year to help with cost and it nearly killed me. So I am wondering if I can call the carrier to plead my case and see if they will cover it more to make it affordable? Or will it be a complete waste of time, and I just need to accept my fate and pay the outrageous cost as is?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, I don't really have anyone else to ask, and I don't want to waste time on an excessive hold just to be told I'm SOL. Thanks in advance for any advice!

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