Is there a time when it makes more sense to not get health insurance?

I’m in my early twenties, have some college credit but no degree, work a blue collar job. My estimated gross income next year will be 36,000. My employer will pay half of the cost of my health insurance, or I can pay a very similar amount through Covered California. The only way for me to get more free money from the state would be, ironically, to work less.

The problem is that this just isn’t making sense to me. The cheapest bronze plan, through kaiser, has an out of pocket deductible of 8,000. My net worth is probably equal to the value of my car, which is about 12,000 in current insane market conditions and less in the foreseeable future. If, god forbid, I had some kind of medical emergency, I would still have to sell my car to pay for it. Or take on debt.

Since the chance of this happening for my age is relatively low, is there any world where it would make more sense to declare bankruptcy to avoid related medical debt as opposed to shelling out $2k a year for health insurance which by comparison, at best, helps my credit? Forgetting the legal requirement of having health insurance, which was effectively nullified by Trump’s repeal of the tax punishments, does this make sense at all?

I’m not in a position to buy a house anytime soon, so I would have decades to rebuild my credit in even the worst-case scenario. And statistically, it would be unlikely that I would need to do this. Knock on wood, of course, but that’s why I’m asking. My biggest concern is that barring a medical emergency, I imagine I would be SOL in the event that I developed some kind of chronic disease.