Kaiser health insurance plans $0 deductible

Trying to look for a health insurance for me.

I don’t know a whole lot but know the basics.

I’m a 23 YO Female making about $2700-3000 monthly.

I don’t make much, so I would have chosen a lower premium, so I can pay but it seems lower the premium higher the detuctable.

Btw I’m using the market place to look through my options with the saving according to my income:

For example:

Kaiser BRONZE HMO $3400 deductible OOPMAX $9450

Does this mean I have to pay up to $3400 in order for Kaiser to START covering for me?

Deductible confused me, so Kaiser won’t cover anything until I spend $3400 deductible?

And then I have to use up to $9450. In order for Kaiser to fully cover?

In that case, I don’t have money to pay up to $3400 until I get covered. I need immediate coverage and try to pay as low as possible for my doctors visits.

I’m fairly a healthy person but also not at the same time. The past 3 months I had 3 urgent care visits, now going through some type of GI or ovarian cyst pain, And this morning breast problems.

Determining the last three months, I was wishing I had some help from insurance because paying these bills out of pocket has been insane. So yes, my visits to the doctors is not so often, but I fairly will use my insurance.

Because of this and I need immediate help and care

Paying monthly is no problem to me if I can get checked up without having to pay so much for these ultrasounds and doctors.

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I found another plan that I think might work out for me but I just need some input

Kaiser PLATNIUM HMO $193 monthly $0 deductible OOP MAX $3,200

I need insurance asap because of some OBGYN issues I’ve been having past week. I tried seeing doctors out of pocket and needed up never going after asking prices without insurance.

I need to know what’s wrong with me it’s driving me crazy so I need to see doctors asap. ER If I have absolutely no choice.

My whole life I had insurance, last year I was eligible for Medicaid so I came out of my mom’s insurance. As of couple months ago I was kicked off my Medicaid for being disqualified with income. My job is offering Kaiser but enrollment doesn’t start till January 1 which is not good.

I need the health insurance to kick in and be effective immediately. No longer than 2 weeks.

I’m choosing Kaiser just because I have one with urgent and emergency center only 2 min away from my house and this one is fairly new , and great.

FYI I actually did have Kaiser at one point under my mom one year and we used the same location I just described. So yes it’s convenient and if I need to figure out if it’s GI or ONGYN problem I can stay in one place to find out what’s wrong.

My main visits to the doctor are mainly, OBGYN , primary doctor to help me to do my blood work, thyroid tests, and of course medication.

Iam pretty clueless to a lot of these adult things I have to face. So if anyone with little bit more experience could help me, that would be amazing.

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This is the first time in my life I’ve been crying everyday in anxiety trying to find the best way to take care of myself, and it sucks I have so much problems but no money to help myself out.

I used to work in health insurance as front desk at a geriatric so I know the slight difference between HMO and PPO. Non of the marketplace insurance are PPO, and since it’s harder to see doctors under PPO. If it’s anthem or united etc. that’s another reason why I’m choosing KAISER hmo since I don’t have to dig around days and hours to find a provider for certain doctor that will cover

Please help

This was very long but I hope I put every input to get the help I need. Thank you!