Kaiser question – 12yo dependent – can’t schedule anything!!!

So my son (12M) is covered under my employer provided kaiser permanente plan (I am in GA) and up until his 12th birthday, scheduling care, rx refills, video appointments was a breeze through the app or online. But now (for privacy reasons apparently) I can’t access anything – I can’t get prescriptions refilled, sign in for video visits, make appointments online. I am told that he needs to make his own account on KP.org and then add me as a caregiver. Great! Tried that but he needs to be 13 to have a kp.org account. So what do I do when he is 12?

So my question for those of you on here that know the ins and outs of kaiser – is this a known hole that 12 year old kids fall into? I can’t access his records or arrange care online for a whole year until he can make his own kp.org account. Even video visits can’t be done because I can’t sign in as him through the app or online. My current workaround is calling member services, navigating the phone menus, waiting on hold, being transferred and this is taking HOURS.

Just making sure I’m not missing anything here…