Kaiser – Why do so many employers choose it?

I’m in the PNW and I don’t know anyone that has had anything good to say about the quality of care received at kaiser. T he only good thing the employees I know have to say about it is pay, pension, and time off. It’s funny and sad hearing how bad things are at Kaiser, from Kaiser employees. Kaisers negligence cost me dearly, I will never use their insurance again.

Why do so many employers default to Kaiser policies for the staff? What is it like as an employer to shop plans, does Kaiser incentivize more than other insurers? From an employee perspective, not accounting for employer coverage, the top kaiser plan retail price is pretty competitive with a solid low deductible “gold” PPO plan elsewhere. Does Kaiser offer massive discounts to employers compared to other insurers?

I have a true distaste for Kaiser, and grind my teeth when I hear the name. I want to help my coworkers and try to facilitate a change in better insurance options. Not willing to gamble my life in their shitty system; many of my coworkers feel the same.

Thank you for your responses!

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