Im currently doing therapy with a therapist from NJ. I chose her due to cultural reasons and I am doing very well with her. I do the sessions on the phone when I am visiting my husband at NJ.

I am a graduate student in MA and my insurance covers out of network therapy with an allowable limit ofcourse. I managed to get the claims approved but when speaking to an agent today I was told my therapists licenses/titles dont make her eligible and she does not know how my insurance approved it. She told me to not mention it but now Im stressing out that the insurance would figure this out down the road and demand all the reimbursements back.

The therapist has MSW, LCSW beside her name. She also has an NPI and a license #.

Does she need to be a LICSW for her to be approved? How can I know what licenses or titles are required by my therapist so the claims don’t get denied.

My plan is PPO student health plan by Bluecross MA.

I appreciate your advice.

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