I’m about ready to give up. 2022 I was pregnant and being followed throughout by a pediatric surgeon in another city due to them suspecting the baby had a heart condition that needed surgery right after birth. It was the original plan for me to go to this other city 4 weeks before my due date so I could be there for baby to receive the surgery. Well around 30 weeks I had a severe headache which landed me in the emergency room and turns out I had extreme preeclampsia. Ended up being admitted to my local hospital. Once my doctor and the doctors from the hospital in the other city collaborated they established that I needed to be transferred to the other hospital. Well how am I supposed to be transferred with uncertain blood pressure levels and other severe preeclampsia symptoms. So lifeflight was shown as the solution by my doctors at first. I was not in the place to question anything that was going on. The nurse recommended that I enroll in Lifeflights membership program which I did. Then later the doctors came back and said that I could get away with riding in an ambulance (4 hour drive). So fine. Well THEN they come back and say none are available and Lifeflight will be there for me any minute. Ok anyways that the story to how I had to ride in it. Fast forward to now, my insurance flat out denied the claim saying it was not medically necessary. And now I’m slapped with an $85,000 bill. I’m on Medicaid as well as a secondary policy but apparently if the primary doesn’t pay anything the secondary won’t either.. How can this even be possible? I could never afford to pay this back. I was not in the place to argue or question the doctors reasonings when I was in the hospital. I was being scared by high risk doctors saying I needed to deliver asap and other factors. This whole situation is so stressful and the fact i’ve been fighting it for almost 2 years now!!

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