Private health insurance for illegal immigrant through union employer

Hey, good afternoon guys, I’ve come here with some questions for you guys as I don’t know anyone who can help me with this confidential information. a little background on me- I’m a 24 year old illegal immigrant. I was brought here at the age of 1 & have lived in Los Angeles, California my entire life. I’m part of the dreamers/daca population, but unfortunately my application was put on hold after Judge Andrew hanen put an injunction on the program, so I’ve been in limbo.

I’ve become an electrician & have done well for myself these last two years. Recently I was offered an opportunity to join the electrical union here in Los Angeles. The job pays well & provides fully paid health insurance, dental, vision, pension, etc. My only question is whether or not I can even use those benefits as obviously I don’t have a valid Ssn. The insurance provider is Kaiser. I’ve never had health insurance or really been to the doctor other than a handful of times to get mandatory vaccines for school. This is an opportunity to find something out about myself & I’d really appreciate if you guys can provide some guidance. Thank you

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