I am trying to help my aunt apply for health insurance through the marketplace but running into some issues. I entered in her info on healthcare.gov plan estimator and it states to check out Medicaid and CHIP. She and her husband have 3 kids and they are low income. Her kids can get PeachCare for Kids, GA’s insurance for low income kids, but the issue is Medicaid in GA has not expanded to low income adults. And she is not disabled and doesn’t get coverage through an employer.

Healthcare.gov site states, “Plans will be listed at full price. You can continue to view plans, but your house may qualify for lower priced place through Medicaid and CHIP. View fill price plans.” From my understanding, you can get a tax credit based on income if you enroll through the marketplace and it should be estimated after you provide household and income details. But the section makes it sound like if she doesn’t enroll in Medicaid, she can only enroll full priced plans or I might be missing something? So if your state does not provide Medicaid to non-disabled low income adults, how do they afford any coverage?

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