Made mistake for income. Switching from marketplace plan to Medicaid? (Pregnancy due next month)


We, me and wife, live in Oklahoma, and are on student visa, and our income has been from scholarship(last year) and family help this year. I have been corrected that this is not income.

We have been on a subsidized plan from Marketplace since January. Marketplace is asking to send them income verification documents before April 12.

We have been advised (thanks!) to update our profile to indicate 0$ income so we can switch to Medicaid.

Wife have upcoming appointments and her pregnancy is due in ~40 days (If not earlier!)


If I updated Marketplace profile with 0$ income, how long does it take until she’s enrolled into Medicaid?

While in the process of switching, do we get to keep her current Marketplace insurance until Medicaid kicks-in?

Say we postpone switching to Medicaid until after pregnancy/labor, would they cancel our plan right away once they receive my “income” verification documents (which is basically payments from scholarship or family, so 0$ income)?

We are lost and we appreciate your help!