Making sense of discounts, adjustments, and payments

I recently had a surgery and the total bill came to $211,000. I am double covered, and I recently got an EOB from my primary insurance.

The EOB shows that there’s $127,700 in discounts and adjustments, and that they will pay out $78,800. So the remainder $4500-ish may be my responsibility depending on what the secondary insurance does or doesn’t pick up.

I checked MyChart from the hospital though and the bill is finally visible in there. On their statement, which is still “in process,” it shows that of the $211,000 bill, $129,600 was paid by insurance and $81,000 is “pending,” which it says I may be responsible for. This is obviously quite different from what my EOB stated. Does the bill in MyChart have discounts/adjustments confused with the insurance payment?

Maybe since things are still processing I shouldn’t worry about it yet but the difference between me being responsible for $4.5k and $81k is large and I’d like to make sure this gets straightened out sooner rather than later.

Any insight would be appreciated!

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