Marijuana Use and Labwork reporting to Health Insurance Company

Hello everyone,

I am currently scheduling a Discectomy with a surgeon. The Scheduling department for the institution had mentioned that they’ll run lab work prior to ensure I have no ailments they have to be concerned about. This will, I’m assuming, include blood work and especially a Urinalysis (I have zero health issues outside of my back, so if anyone from experience knows if they wouldn’t do a Urinalsys for me in that case please let me know).

I currently live in NH where marijuana is illegal (Live Free or Die, right?) outside of medical use, which I don’t have approval for. It’s only something I use once a week anyways, I’m not a constant/chronic smoker, so I know it’ll exit my system relatively quick (stopped in the mean time once I found out about tests). I didn’t disclose to the Surgeon/survey originally that I do marijuana solely because I am worried they would go back to my insurance company and report it (I know, tsk tsk). I am also getting more anesthesia then usual after previous surgery experiences when I was a child. I know marijuana can interfer with it, but I got that angle covered receiving more so I’m not worried about complications. I currently have health insurance through my employer, and I know HIPAA restricts a lot of reporting but I’d rather not throw myself under the bus without knowing the full extent of HIPAA and what doctor’s office can/can’t report to insurance companies.

So bottom line; will they report any sort of drug use to my insurance company? My big concern is if I’d be denied surgery, and also if they report use to my employer if the tests were to flag me. I’m going to read further into HIPAA as it relates… as you can tell I’m a bit more paranoid than the next person about something minute lol but rather be safe than sorry. Thank you for the help also!