marketplace insurance across states – what is feasible if you have 2 addresses?

Hi there—looking to see if anyone might be able to shed light on this hypothetical situation for me. I am an independent contractor and thus purchase marketplace health insurance, which varies from state to state. I was living in New Jersey this past year at my parents’ residence and paid for NJ marketplace insurance. I like my NJ plan and my doctors, but recently have moved to NYC and the same plan 30 minutes across the state border is double the cost and would not allow me to keep my same doctors/providers, since the plan is in a different state.

Technically, all guidance I’ve read online says you have to change insurance plans when you move states. But I am wondering if anyone knows if there’d be any ramifications from a tax perspective or healthcare perspective for me to keep my NJ plan using my parents’ address (which is an address I continue to use as my permanent address in many capacities (e.g., I am still registered to vote in NJ and still have an NJ license). I would like to keep costs low, maintain continuity of care with my existing providers, and can easily go back for appointments. As it’s currently open enrollment I’m trying to figure out what is feasible. If anyone has insight that would be so appreciated.