Maternity Global Billing across plan years & impact on deductible/benefits

I am due to give birth in early Dec, so 99% of my OB services will have been provided in my 2023 plan year. The 2 week postpartum will occur in 2023 but the 6 week post partum visit will occur in early 2024 however. I have already hit my deductible and OOP max for 2023 from a surgery this year. Everything will reset in Jan 2024.

With the global billing model for maternity, how will this impact what I pay? From what I have read, the claim submission doesn’t have to occur until after the postpartum period. I am worried if the provider doesn’t submit anything until my postpartum visit in 2024, the insurance will reset my entire deductible and OOP max and make pay everything again and I’ll be out another $3500.

Do I skip my 6 week postpartum to force the provider to close out the global bill with last date of service being in 2023? Or will insurance pay based on date of service and I’ll only have the 6 week visit occurring in 2024 count towards my 2024 deductible?

Any idea on how this works or advice?

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