May I request HRA reimbursement for the insurance premium that my employer pays, but I get deducted for a portion of

My employer funds my HRA account, which I can use to make eligible medical purchases. Reimbursement of insurance premiums is allowed with my HRA according to what they list as eligible. But I am not paying an insurance premium. Instead, my employer does – but they deduct a portion from my paycheck. I have no receipt of any insurance premium payment. What I DO have are the deductions on my payslip listing for Medical, Dental, Vision, and amounts that get deducted (pre-tax if it matters).

Since this is not an insurance premium payment and is still a medical expense, is there a way to get reimbursed?

If it helps, my employer covers my benefits fully but not my spouse. The payment I make is a portion of her premium.

I already tried to use the HRA portal to submit an insurance premium claim, but they need evidence that shows the five key details (name of provider, dates of coverage, cost, etc.), and I only have my paystubs.

Does anyone have experience with this?

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