Hello! I live in NYS – I worked at a large insurance company with amazing coverage (that I paid for) from 2014-2021. When I left to go to grad school, I followed up with the COBRA paperwork I was sent and asked if there were other plans available so my out of pocket $$ wasn’t $700+, and the representative responded with “don’t worry about continuing your plan, you already have coverage.”

From him, I gathered it is this: “Univera MMC Non SSI BH Carve in Univera MMC Den” It began in 2017 (I was 22, made $104k so it wasn’t income based) and I had my own Univera plan that I was paying for with the gym reimbursement, etc

I asked for proof of coverage, they sent it and it has renewed ever since. I pay $0 and have no copay’s, but I do pay out of pocket for dental cleanings (makes sense). I know it’s Medicaid (reached out to a therapist once and they didn’t accept it (a lot don’t) so I got discouraged and haven’t searched for another).

Can someone explain what this is? Anytime I search it, community living/group homes come up, I own a house with my husband and have never lived in one… We have just always scratched our heads but never complained about this.

Never wanted to ask too many questions lol

Thanks in Advance!