Meridian Illinois insurance, potential scam?

I got contacted on Monday by a company called “Honey” (at least that’s what I think they said). They said they were a third party company contracted by Meridian (my current insurance) and we’re calling to schedule a annual wellness check through telehealth. They had my name, number, and address. I scheduled the appointment but got a weird vibe so I called Meridian directly before clicking the telehealth link. Meridian had no information on the company, said I wasn’t due for a wellness check, and advised me to not log on to the visit. However, when the visit time came, the NP assigned to me by this third party company called me. I explained what Meridian had told me and she said that was odd and that this company “Honey” is out of Michigan and works with Illinois and Wisconsin Medicaid/Medicare. I told her I didn’t want to continue and to call Meridian if they need to contact me. This is so odd. Has anyone ever experienced this or heard of the company? I can’t find anything about them online, the phone numbers don’t have any google results, and Meridian has never heard of them. Is this a scam?