Mistake with marketplace enrollment?

I think I screwed up. I’m really confused. So I plan to keep my current plan that I enrolled in during last year’s open enrollment season. I received my new cards from my insurance company.

I thought I had to fill out my 2024 application for tax/income reasons. I really don’t need to update my income, I got a different job but I’m making about the same amount yearly. I usually overestimate my income because my monthly varies as a substitute teacher. I also work a couple of side gigs, so it’s hard to get an exact number each year. I’m usually in the same ballpark of estimated income come tax time..

My estimated monthly so far was less for November and Marketplace just went off this month instead of the year total… Marketplace is saying I need to check about enrolling in state insurance? And not eligible for a plan. Someone from my state will contact me. I know I make more than the threshold for state insurance and will get denied. I also really don’t want to get involved with Medicaid. The stress of changing providers, making more money than they allow, etc.

I ended up removing my 2024 application. It shows I just need to review my 2024 coverage. I called Marketplace and they said I should be continuing with my coverage. I don’t need to even fill out an application.

Do I need to do anything further? Will I get penalized in some way for keeping my coverage even though they thought I qualified for Medicaid? Do i have to remove Medicaid or appeal it?

I really thought i had this figured out after year 2..

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