more info needed on surgery claim that already happened

i had surgery on november 3, 2023. my insurance company (aetna) has updated the claim to say that they need more information within 45 days or they may deny the claim.

here is the exact wording:

We need more information from your provider. We need the medical chart, which may include the following: an itemized bill, the operative report, clinical documentation, implant records along with the log and invoice, your medical records, a full description of the service provided under the unlisted code, and copies of any available photos (we don’t return originals.) Your provider has 45 days from the date of this statement to send us this information. If we don’t receive it, we may need to deny the claim. You will have a right to appeal the denial at that time. The following does not apply to Federal plans: – For claims sent from NC: you have 90 days to send us the information. If we don’t receive it, we’ll deny the claim. – For NY plans: if we don’t get this information in 45 days, we’ll process your claim with the information we have on file. – For claims sent from Texas: if we don’t get the information, your claim may remain open. [CHCI – CH9]

will the doctor’s office be notified of this? is there anything i need to do at this point? in the “you may owe” section, it says i owe $0 as of right now.

i’m just worried about it because the total billed amount is ~ $62,000. i definitely cannot pay that. i did have surgery with an in-network doctor at an in-network hospital, so that shouldn’t be a concern.

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thank you for any help!