Moving back to the US and learning about

Hi, we are a family of 4 (2 kids) moving back to the US from abroad later this year. We will live in Texas. My wife and I will look for employment once we are back. We are currently covered under a Cigna global plan that excludes US. I’ve been exploring health insurance options with this very helpful sub and have the following items to confirm my understanding:

1) we can sign up for outside of the enrollment period since we are moving to Texas. The insurance coverage will kick in immediately?

2) we can estimate our income for 2024 and if the income is low enough, we can get substantial deductions

3) if we are off in our income estimate, we will need to give back these deductions when we file for 2024 taxes.

4) we can cancel the plan at any time once we’ve found a better plan provided by our future employers

5) kids can be covered under Medicaid? Is this a separate process, or can we go thru the exchange to receive coverage?

6) where can we find affordable dental/vision coverage?

Thank you very much if you can correct me in my understanding or help me answer these questions!

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